The Joys of Armenia….

February 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Living in Armenia can be a challenge sometimes what with the exotic food cravings, smoky restaurants and too much rubbish in the streets to even mention. But there are also great things about this life: cheap, fresh organic food that actually tastes like it was meant to, brilliant blue skies even in the depths of winter and the Vernissage.

There’s nothing I like more than trawling through randomness at a flea-market but this market takes things to a whole new level. I keep forgetting to take my camera every time I take the short walk from our apartment to this wonderful treasure trove (or maybe it’s a little Feudain and I just want to keep my person free to carry home the goodies that I invariably need to drag home). Anyway, I will remember it one day and you’ll see what the fuss is about. Every taste is catered for be it mending your juicer, looking for Soviet army gear, need a home dentistry kit or just need to let off steam with a good rummage through piles of hardware that you would expect to find in your granddad’s shed at the end of the garden.

Those of you with Soviet roots may find my unhealthy interest in Russian font a little bit OTT but I really cannot get enough – it may say something mundane like “do not walk on the grass” but in my mind, this foreign script is both romantic and exotic. So I apologise to those who can’t quite share my enthusiasm but there it is!

For those of you how are equally excited about such things, this post is for you. Showcasing two of my latest discoveries:

(drum roll……)

bashed up tins and paper-clip boxes!


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