Weekend Round-Up

March 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Well, I turn around and a week has already flown by without me even visiting here! In my other incarnation as the company director for Links for Change, a volunteer linking service, I have been flat out trying to get things under control before Pocket turns up.

To maintain some sense of self, I have been interspersing this with some jewellery making. So here’s my round-up of the weekend which has basically involved collecting materials and making things!

  • Beautiful, but as yet useless, glass bubbles from the Vernissage which I think are for a Chinese therapy called ‘hot cupping’.
  • Finally finding a use for all the brown paper bags our organic veg is delivered in by making my own recycled Jiffy bags (tutorial to follow soon).
  • Hours of stitching for the latest additions to my jewellery collection (soon to be available to buy online!)

Other (unphotographed) activities:

  • Packing my hospital bag for the birth (is it that time already?).
  • Turning an old Ikea muslin curtain into drawstring bags (again, tutorial to follow) in the continuing quest for perfect packaging to accompany my jewellery.
  • Reading sooooo many business books I think my head might explode.
  • Thinking of everyone in and out of Japan affected by mother nature’s devastating power.

Colour Pallet

March 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Well, my last Weekend Round-Up post proved to be something of the blogging equivalent of a sun dance! Since then, the cloud has parted and every morning I have woken to sun steaming in through the curtains, giving me renewed impetus to get out of bed and get creative. Sadly, my sewing machine has other ideas and has decided to go on strike, putting my latest jewellery collection on hold. Whilst I resolve this technical problem, I thought I’d share the collection’s colour pallet with you all.

Hopefully, I will have some of the collection to show you when I get my machine back on track.

Weekend Round-Up

February 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Happy Valentines!!

It’s been a creative weekend. For those of you who don’t already know, A and I are expecting our first child in April. I keep reading all these pregnancy guides that talk about how it’s normal to want to start nesting and tidying the house in preparation for the new arrival. Wishful thinking in this household I’m afraid! Instead, my creative juices aren’t so much flowing as gushing, absorbing everything in their path! Another trip to the Vernissage has encouraged this weekend of crafty indulgence, as has the discovery of a second-hand shop that sells clothes by the kilo! Now I’ve realised there’s an art to getting the most from a per kilo shop. Things not to buy there: winter coats, shoes or jeans. What to buy: lightweight, cashmere jumpers and bedding. There’s another second-hand shop directly across from this one but they sell ‘per item’ so it’s a tactical consideration where I go for certain items.

So, as I was saying, it’s been a craft-fuelled weekend. Some my creative activities include:

  • collecting  twigs from the park and preparing them for a forthcoming project
  • finished off A’s Valentine’s card
  • adding to my ‘Industriale’ jewellery collection (more details of that to come)

Well, this wasn’t enough for one weekend. I have been brewing up some ideas in my head, ever since I saw the tutorial on Smile and Wave for baby blocks. I know that there are still a couple of months to go before ‘Pocket’ is born and even after that it will be quite some time until he will be able to handle the blocks effectively but still, I can’t imagine I’ll have much time to sit around making such things once he does finally make an appearance! So, finding the second-hand shop was just the excuse I needed to set me on my way. « Read the rest of this entry »

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