When recycling is just not enough!

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Bitter Sweet

March 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

It has been a week of reflection here in Casa Mia. This week marks the anniversary of my Nanna’s death. I have such fond memories of her when I was growing up and I feel sad that I will never again share toast soldiers piled high with butter and Marmite, she will never get to meet our children and a whole host of other moments that we will never have the opportunity to share.

Quite unconsciously and yet so obviously entwined, I took some time out this week to tidy my small sewing box that used to be hers. Showing how deeply I have ever dived into this box previously, I discovered a host of new design treasures to delight.

What really makes me smile is Nanna was hardly a domestic goddess – maybe that’s why my finds were remarkably unused!

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