Weekend Round-Up

March 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Well, I turn around and a week has already flown by without me even visiting here! In my other incarnation as the company director for Links for Change, a volunteer linking service, I have been flat out trying to get things under control before Pocket turns up.

To maintain some sense of self, I have been interspersing this with some jewellery making. So here’s my round-up of the weekend which has basically involved collecting materials and making things!

  • Beautiful, but as yet useless, glass bubbles from the Vernissage which I think are for a Chinese therapy called ‘hot cupping’.
  • Finally finding a use for all the brown paper bags our organic veg is delivered in by making my own recycled Jiffy bags (tutorial to follow soon).
  • Hours of stitching for the latest additions to my jewellery collection (soon to be available to buy online!)

Other (unphotographed) activities:

  • Packing my hospital bag for the birth (is it that time already?).
  • Turning an old Ikea muslin curtain into drawstring bags (again, tutorial to follow) in the continuing quest for perfect packaging to accompany my jewellery.
  • Reading sooooo many business books I think my head might explode.
  • Thinking of everyone in and out of Japan affected by mother nature’s devastating power.

Weekend Round-Up

March 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Happy Monday everyone!

This was not the only ray of sunshine seen this weekend. It was the kind of weekend I love: cold and crisp with a vivid blue sky.

Other things that warmed my soul this weekend:

  • home-made, 100% organic pumpkin and carrot soup,
  • exploring the decrepit back-streets of Yerevan,
  • peeling paint on a park bench,
  • getting my sewing machine fixed at the Vernissage through the power of mime,
  • green leaves on my birthday plant,
  • our lovely, but often elusive cats,
  • bright red empty bins!

So, now my sewing machine is back on track, it’s back to work. New pieces to show you soon…..

Weekend Round-Up

February 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

This has been the view from our balcony for the last few days! Not exactly a cheery sight however much (like me) you may be fond of shades of grey. I can’t say that the view is all that beautiful on a sunny day but this last week of weather has been so ashen and dingy everything is looking particularly grim. So, we spent the best part of the weekend snuggled up inside, shielding ourselves from the winter gloom.

To fight off these climate induced doldrums, here’s are some little things that cheered my spirit:

  • home-made peanut butter on warm, crispy toast (delicious and simple recipe found here)
  • alfalfa shoots sprouted in jam-jars on our windowsill
  • finding an old tea-tray with the same William Morris print that I remember so fondly from my childhood as wallpaper in my mum’s bedroom
  • the baby leaves of our first basil crop tentatively poking through their soil

So, whilst it may be grey and dismal outside, inside our little sanctuary there are some optimistic signs of Spring. And we intend to keep it that way until the seasons catch up with us. Bring on the green……!

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